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Whether it’s a first, third or fiftieth impression, it’s essential to make it an excellent long and lasting impression. Send our marvellous vase bouquet of White Hydrangea, and scented Purple Baby Orchid mixed in with Green Kermit and White Calla which is designed by our skilled florists. To complement this striking bouquet, we have also included plenty of gorgeous Purple Dico and Steel Grass along with Korles Wood. It is an attractive choice for both men and women and suitable for all different kinds of occasions! The height is approximately 35 cm to 45 cm. The width is approximately 20 cm to 30 cm.
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Our vase bouquet of Pink and White Hydrangea mixed in Pink Lilium and White Baby Orchid combined with White Baby Roses and Pink Chrysanthemum along with the beautiful Pink Roses and Korles Wood that are said to be a symbol of beauty, luxury, and love, so what better flowers to beautify your special event! The height is approximately 45 cm to 55 cm. The width is approximately 35 cm to 45 cm.
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Bring the happiness and joy into the life of those whom you love the most, as our charming bouquet beautifully captures this sentiment. Rich White rose, white wax flower, white aestoma, green sympidium, lilium, calla, green hydrangea, green kermite, white orchid.
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Our expert florists have selected the very best Roses, Stoma, Wax Flower, Statice, all shades of Purple and Pink have mixed them with the Dark Purple cymbidium, and twisted bamboo & steel grass to create this stylish vase bouquet for a perfectly elegant gift.

The height is approximately 85 cm to 95 cm.

The width is approximately 45 cm to 55 cm.

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Be the one who brightens their day by gifting our stunning vase bouquet of Dark Purple and White cymbidium, with Steel Grass and Stones.
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